Iceland has no shortage of MIND BLOWING scenery, which makes it perfect for an elopement! As a wedding photographer in love with the outdoors, believe me, it doesn’t get much better than Iceland’s rugged landscapes. I’ve shot there and been there a couple times, and I’d love to help you navigate planning your elopement there! Shoot me an email for info on Iceland elopement packages!

Iceland mountain and waterfall


There’s SO many different landscapes to choose from if you want to elope in Iceland— from wild mountains to lush canyons… waterfalls, volcanic rock fields covered in moss, hot springs, colorful hills, cute scandanavian cottages… I mean, it doesn’t get much dreamier than this place. Whether you choose to hike into a spot and say your vows, have the most unique wedding in an ice cave, or have a ceremony with your family at the cutest little black church you’ve ever seen…getting married in Iceland is such an amazing adventure to begin the rest of your lives together!


So let’s break down the layout of the country and I’ll then list some of the most incredible places you could choose to elope in Iceland!


map of iceland



— North:

Massive waterfalls and geothermal regions that feel like you’re on another planet!

Views: waterfalls, geothermal region

Getting there: ~6 hours from Reykjavik in a 2WD car

When to visit: Any time


— South: 

This region is probably the most famous because it houses the most iconic spots that Iceland is known for! You can find Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon (one of my fave places in the world), glaciers, Diamond Beach, amazing waterfalls, a plane wreck, ice caves, wild mountain landscapes, moss covered lava fields, black sand beach coastline, and so much more all within a reasonable drive!!! The best part is that it’s all pretty accessible with a 2WD rental car.

Views: canyons, waterfalls, mountains, glaciers, ice caves, black sand beaches, cliffs, lupine fields, moss covered lava rock fields, place wreck, hot springs

Getting there: ~2-6 hours from Reykjavik in a 2WD car

When to visit: Any time (ice caves open November-March + lupine fields are blooming June-July)


— Highlands: 

Oh man… this region has some of the most insane views in the world. Colorful mountains, active volcanoes, steam vents, and tons of hot springs. It doesn’t even look real! If you’re looking for an adventurous, remote place to say your vows with the most incredible views you can find, the highlands might be for you!

Views: colorful big mountains, volcanoes, steam vents, hot springs, glaciers, ice caves

Getting there: ~several hours from Reykjavik in a 4WD car 

When to visit: Summer (June-Sept) or hire a super jeep tour 


— Snaefellsnes Peninsula:

This little peninsula in the west of Iceland really shocked us with its beauty when we visited! Everything I found online made it seem pretty, but wow— we felt that it was so underrated! We passed some of the most gorgeous views just driving around (which is the case in all of Iceland, but we really loved the views from this peninsula). This is where you’ll find the little black church that’s famous in Iceland, the Gatklettur arch, and Kirkjufell mountain. 

Views: mountains, cliffs, black church, arch

Getting there: ~2+ hours from Reykjavik in a 2WD car 

When to visit: Any time

— Westfjords:

If you want seclusion, the Westfjords have it! You’ll find sprawling open mountains, fields, and cliffs that feel like the edge of the world. There’s also a lot of wildlife here since it’s less inhabited— including puffins and arctic fox.

Views: huge coastal cliffs, mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, wildlife

Getting there: ~3+ hours from Reykjavik in a 2WD car 

When to visit: Spring, Summer, Fall


— West:

This area is the most accessible, which is why I’m including it. There’s some beautiful places not far from Reykjavik, the capital and largest city in Iceland. This area is also relatively close to the airport if you have guests coming in.

Views: moss covered lava fields, waterfalls

Getting there: 20 mins – 1 hour from Reykjavik in a 2WD car 

When to visit: Any time


So now that we’ve broken down the regions, let’s dive into specific locations within each region:


30+ Places to Elope in Iceland—

northern region:


1. Godafoss Waterfall

godafoss waterfall, iceland

2. Námaskard

namaskard geothermal region, iceland

3. Dettifoss Waterfall

dettifoss waterfall north iceland
Photo cred:


Bonus— Myvatn Nature Baths

I wouldn’t get married here, but it’s an awesome hot pool in the area that would be a fun activity to add to your elopement day!

myvatn nature baths north iceland


southern region:


4. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach


Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach Iceland elopementreynisfjara black sand beach


5. Glaciers

There’s several different glaciers in southern Iceland alone (Jökulsárlón + Sólheimajökull being two of them.)

Jökulsárlón glacier southern iceland

Jökulsárlón glacier southern iceland
Photo cred:


6. Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck

Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck iceland



7. Skógafoss

There’s a ton of waterfalls around Iceland to choose from, but this one is super famous and accessible. It’s an incredible spot, but it’s also usually crowded. I know of some secret falls in the area though, which would be less crowded!

engagement session at Skogafoss waterfall southern iceland

skogafoss waterfall iceland

8. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Another popular spot that can be crowded, but this waterfall is cool because you can walk behind it! Beware, you’ll be soaked— but it’s worth it for the experience. 😉


Seljalandsfoss waterfall iceland


Seljalandsfoss waterfall iceland

9. Fjadrárgljúfur Canyon

One of the most beautiful places I’ve been, highly recommend!

Fjadrárgljúfur Canyon iceland

Fjadrárgljúfur Canyon iceland

Fjadrárgljúfur Canyon iceland

Fjadrárgljúfur Canyon iceland


10. Svartifoss waterfall

Requires hiking—  just under 2 miles round trip

svartifoss waterfall iceland
Photo cred:


11. Vatnajökull Ice Cave

Only open November-March.

Photo cred: arctic adventures



12. Diamond Beach

A black sand beach covered in ice right across the road from Jökulsárlón Glacier.

diamond beach glaciers iceland

diamond beach glaciers iceland


13. Dyrhólaey 

Cliffs + arch near Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach.

Dyrholaey iceland
Photo cred: Arctic Adventures


14. Vestrahorn

A super dramatic mountain on the coast that’s an incredible backdrop for photos if the clouds aren’t covering it!

Vestrahorn Mountain Iceland
Photo Cred: Guide to Iceland


15. Lupine Fields

Blooming around June-July.

lupine field skogafoss waterfall iceland
Photo Cred: synnatschke photography


16. Moss Covered Lava Rock Fields

These beautiful fields are everywhere in Iceland! We just have to make sure we don’t stand on the moss and stay on the trails.

moss covered lava fields iceland



Bonus: Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool

I don’t know that I’d recommend saying your vows here, because it can be crowded. But it’d be an awesome spot for an early morning dip before hiking out in the evening for your ceremony/vow exchange. 🙂

Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool iceland

the highlands

Reminder: all of these places are accessible all year, but easier to reach in the summertime (June-Sept). In the winter months, you’d have to hire a Super Jeep to get there. If you go in the summer and choose to drive yourself, you’ll need a 4WD.



17. Landmannalaugar

A geothermal area with bright, colorful mountains and lots of hot springs! The views here are other-worldly!!! 

landmannalaugar geothermal mountains iceland
Photo Cred: Earth Trekkers
landmannalaugar mountains iceland
Photo Cred: Extreme Iceland


18. Thórsmörk

This spot is located relatively close to some of the other spots I mentioned in the South along the coast— however, I included it in the highlands sections because it’s a trek to get there, whereas the rest of the spots in the South are right off the ring road. You can also hike to Thórsmörk, but it’s a 2-day 19mi hike for the shortest route. If you’re not up for the hike, you can take a 4×4 bus.

thorsmark Iceland hike
Photo Cred: Extreme Iceland


19. Kerlingarfjöll

Kerlingarfjoll mountains iceland
Photo cred: Earth Trekkers



20. Langjökull Ice Cave

An ice cave with a wedding chapel inside!

Langjökull Ice Cave iceland wedding chapel
Photo cred: Viator



21. Kverkfjöll Ice Cave

Kverkfjöll Ice Cave Iceland wedding
Photo cred: Skarphéðinn Þráinsson



22. Askja

An active volcano in the highlands with a crater filled with insanely blue water surrounded by mountains!

Askja Iceland
Photo cred: Guide to Iceland


Snaefellsnes Peninsula


23. Gerduberg Cliffs

Gerðuberg Cliffs iceland
Photo Cred: Extreme Iceland



24. Kirkjufell

Kirkjufell Mountain Waterfall iceland

Kirkjufell Mountain Waterfall iceland

25. Búdakirkja Black Church

Búðakirkja Black Church Iceland wedding venueBúðakirkja Black Church Iceland wedding venue



26. Gatklettur 

Gatklettur arch snaefellsnes iceland Gatklettur arch snaefellsnes iceland



27. Londrangar

Londranger Cliffs snaefellsnes iceland
Photo cred: David Bjorgen




28. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve Iceland
Photo cred: Extreme Iceland
Hornstrandir Nature Reserve Iceland
Photo cred: Gregor Samsa


29. Raudisandur

Raudisandur Iceland westfjords
Photo cred:



30. Dynjandi

dynjandi waterfall westfords iceland
Photo cred: Arctic Adventures

31. Látrabjarg

Látrabjarg Cliffs Westfjords iceland
Photo cred: Silver Sea


western region


32. Glymur Waterfall

One of the tallest waterfalls in Iceland. Hike: 4.6 miles roundtrip

glymur waterfall iceland
Photo cred:


33. Thingvellir National Park

Part of the Golden Circle, this park is very accessible and very well-known to tourists. If you’re looking for a place that’s close to Reykjavik and easy to navigate, this is a good option. Although not the most epic views Iceland has to offer, it’s still very pretty!


Thingvellir Park iceland wedding
Photo cred: Getty


Also within this park is Silfra, where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. It’s a bucket list experience to snorkel/dive it and I highly recommend it if you’re in this area! You’re literally in between two continents!!!


silfra snorkel dive iceland

silfra snorkel dive iceland



34. Luxury Hilltop Lodge Airbnb

with private hot spring tub

If you have guests coming in, renting an airbnb or lodge could be a nice option so that everyone can stay together! I happened upon this place and thought I would include it as a great option for a group of travelers coming over for a wedding. This is part of the description on Airbnb:

The Panorama Lodge was originally built by the British Navy as their communication headquarters in Iceland during WWII and was recently completely renovated. When Churchill came to Iceland in 1942 to meet with FD Roosevelt Junior they sailed into the Whale Fjord and had secret meetings at the Panorama Lodge which was code named Falcon Crest. Several scenes in Game of Thrones were also shot on the property highlighting the incredible landscape all around the Fjord.


luxury hilltop lodge near Reykjavik in Iceland for wedding venue

luxury hilltop lodge near Reykjavik in Iceland for wedding venue3
Photo cred: airbnb
luxury hilltop lodge near Reykjavik in Iceland for wedding venue3
Photo cred: airbnb
luxury hilltop lodge near Reykjavik in Iceland for wedding venue
Photo cred: airbnb

luxury hilltop lodge near Reykjavik in Iceland for wedding venue

Bonus: Blue Lagoon —

I wouldn’t recommend saying your vows here because it’s not very private and is usually crowded, but it’d be a fun and memorable activity to add to your elopement day!

blue lagoon iceland




This list is nowhere near comprehensive, but I hope you found a spot where you could imagine saying your vows! If we’re able to work together, I’ll find more private, secret, and remote places that fit the environment you love!! I have a huge list of secret hot springs and gorgeous places that you probably won’t find by searching the internet.


Iceland is incredible and the options are endless! If you’re considering eloping in Iceland, email me and let me help you further! I’ve been there twice and I’m still dying to go back, explore more, and capture your elopement there!


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