Guide to Creating Animated GIFs


GIFs are SUCH a fun way to bring a moment to life with movement! This guide will walk you through the GIF-making process super clearly step-by-step!

What’s included:

– what you need to make GIFs
– how to take photos for an animation
– a section about editing for gifs
– the step-by-step process written out for how to actually make an animation in photoshop
– exporting for different uses
– things to look for when shooting for a GIF
– animation ideas
– little tips & tricks to help you in the process!
– a video walking you through the process visually
– gif-ready photos so you can practice right away!


Disclaimer: You must have Photoshop to create a GIF. New M1 Macs currently do not have one of the export options in Photoshop. There are troubleshooting options but I have not tested it. All sales are final & non-refundable.



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